AR Quake Huay Tin

With a background in architecture and landscape architecture, Quake delves into diverse fields, including art, illustration and urban design. Her current research is exploring the conservation of the "Genius Loci" or Spirit of Place for river settlements in Malaysian historical towns, in the face of urban regeneration. "Genius Loci" refers to a place’s unique spirit and character, which is often erased when a place undergoes extensive restorations or reconstructions. 

Growing up in a small fishing village along the Malacca River, Quake harbors a special affection for rivers, mangroves, and nature. Whether it's art, architecture, urban design, or landscape architecture, she intends to create better living spaces for the people and the communities. Residing now in Kuala Lumpur, reading, drawing, and gardening serve as a warm sanctuary amidst the bustling city.