Current Chairperson : Prof. Dr. William Ray Langenbach

Description of Centre

CFAR brings together a diverse group of post-graduates and scholars to form a vital laboratory for experimentation and innovation in Artistic Research to help train scholars and new postgraduates to work in the expanding economies of intellectually rigorous art production, critical art entrepreneurism, and art education. The goals of CFAR are...

1. To facilitate and empower its researcher members in their own research 

2.To establish UTAR and the Faculty of Creative Industries as a nationally and internationally recognised site for Artistic Research 

3. To promote the integration of artistic practice with Creative Arts and other scholastic fields of the humanities and social sciences, especially Art History, History of Design, and Cultural Studies

Research Area

Artistic Research is CFAR’s its primary activity. Artistic Research develops research into literary and philosophical sources, forensic aesthetics, architecture and site-specific art on land and in the sea. The range of concerns is broad and deep.

Artistic Research opens possibilities for practicing artists and designers to continue their practice, while enhancing it with historical and theoretical studies. It thereby expands practice into a broader spectrum of knowledge 

CFAR focuses on the areas of knowledge and practice that our members are currently researching or wish to research in the future. The members provide the direction of the Centre.
The role of the Chairperson is designed to be a rotating position, democratically elected by the members.