Telling Tales: The Stories We Make and the Stories that Make Us.

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DATE : Friday & Saturday, 30th - 31st July 2021 (9am - 6pm) 

FORMAT : Mixed-mode (PowerPoint aided Talk/Seminar, multimedia presentations, workshop /demo etc.) 


The Centre for Artistic Research (CFAR) organised and hosted an inaugural event which explored the 'Arts' of Storytelling across diverse disciplines, media and genre, with a particular emphasis on ‘Cultures’. By interpreting the definitions of ‘Arts’ and ‘Cultures’ as widely as possible, we hoped to provide an inclusive platform for academics and professional artists alike, to hold discourses on such varied topics as culturally inspired stories, stories of cultural exchange, stories of cultural consonance/dissonance, exploring the 'art' and processes of storytelling in any media, via text, visual arts, performing arts, examining the uniqueness of how the art of storytelling differ across different media, when told by authors of different cultures, or as presented to audiences of different cultures. 

The event title, “Telling Tales: The Stories We Make and the Stories that Make Us” encapsulates the essence of the story making process as an extremely expositional endeavour. That through both the making and the experiencing of a story, enlightening insights will be revealed and uncovered from every quarter. Furthermore, it also proclaims that the act of creating stories itself is simultaneously reflexive as well as discursive, thereby revealing the profundity of the relationship between ‘Creator’ and ‘Creation’. This makes an extremely powerful statement for the whole event, providing insight that at every level of the entire process of ‘Telling Tales’, whether one inhabits the role of the author, artist or audience, one cannot help but be changed by the transformative effects of that art. 

Background of the event: 

Since 2016, we have been organising a 2-day event every year as an annual educational-cultural exchange initiative between our university Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office (TECO), bringing together various participants from the creative industries representing both countries (Malaysia and Taiwan). This year however, due to funding complications caused by the global pandemic, we are proposing that our own Centre for Artistic Research (CFAR) continue with the organising of this interdisciplinary conference, so that the hard-won work and relationships that we have established with our academic, industrial and TECO collaborators will still be maintained in the most productive manner. 

Our past events have encompassed such diverse themes as Graphic Design, Animation, Multimedia, Games Design, Film & Broadcasting, and we are proud to have hosted a wide array of professionals and academics on this academic/industrial platform with the hopes of encouraging a vibrant environment of cultural and artistic exchange, which would inspire more students and youth contemplating a career in the arts. As the previous events were open to an audience ranging from students of higher secondary (16 years old and above) and tertiary levels, as well as working professionals and academics. The format of the participants' presentations will also be as diverse as their backgrounds, encompassing PowerPoint Talks /Seminars to Workshops, Demos, Video/Film Screenings, Video Games/AR/VR kiosks, Art Exhibitions etc.

Samples of our sessions

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