MemoryScape: Remembering Kajang
by Hafez Zainudin

Telefon Rumah Nenek, 2023, Digital Painting


The process of exploration and participation led to questions and thoughts that ultimately helped me build a concept of memory that originates from artistic activity. During the course of this artistic research, I hope to discover possible applications for my study in both traditional and digital arts. I shall include a list of questions at the conclusion of this study in order to continue this research in the future. 

Through the convergence of technology and creativity, the project seeks to reconstruct personal and collective memories, inviting participants to engage in an experience that blurs the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.

Setting the Stage

 In this initial chapter, I provided context for my exploration into memory through artistic practice. This artistic research project started in 2019. I discussed my motivations, background, and relevant experiences or influences that have led me to embark on this journey. This phase served as a foundation for understanding the evolution of my ideas and concepts surrounding memory. Public outputs for this episode include Online Webinar, Conference & Journal Publication & Colloquium presentations.

Jalan Belakang series, 2021, Digital Drawing.

The Beginnings of Experimentation 

I outlined the techniques I employed to explore memory within the realm of artistic expression. This include mediums such as painting & multimedia installations. I describe the initial questions or curiosities that sparked my interest and detail how I began to translate these inquiries into tangible artistic creations. 

Basikal Chopper, 2023, Digital Painting

The Ballad of Mom & Pop Shops, 2023, Digital Painting

Hujan Petang di Kedai Minang. 2023. Acrylic on Canvas with embedded Augmented Reality content.

Augmented Reality as an Artistic Process Environmental Storytelling 

AR offers a unique platform for storytelling, allowing me to weave narratives into physical artworks. It guide viewers through immersive experiences where digital characters, objects and environments coexist with real-world settings. For this project, such approach can be particularly compelling as it is a site-specific project that leverage the unique features of a location to enhance the narrative.

Experimental Visualizations

AR also provides art practitioners with tools to experiment with new forms of visual expression. Through AR, I can manipulate space, time, and perception by overlaying digital imagery onto the physical world. This opens up possibilities for surreal, abstract, or fantastical experiences that transcend traditional artistic mediums.

Layer of Visual Effects overlapping the trackable painting image in AR editor.

Reflections on my journey and weighing potential avenues for further exploration, which is to create the virtual world of selected areas within the Kajang old town. I shall consider how my evolving understanding of memory through participatory artistic practice might inform future projects, collaborations, or research endeavors.