The Stories of Plants


 The idea of sharing the importance and significant value of plants to the public is initiated in early year 2021 with first series of “The Stories of Plants” 花花草草说故事. A series of illustrations and write ups is completed in year 2023 to feature twelve (12) types of plants in respect with twelve (12) legendary characters. 

The aim is to share the plants’ characteristics, functions and its cultural values in our daily lives, with hopes to create awareness and bring attention of people get to know the plants, and eventually cultivate an attitude of love for plants and the nature. Moreover, beyond botanical education, this publication sought to inspire and uplift its readers, particularly those grappling with the profound losses wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Through motivational narratives interwoven with reflections on the essence of existence, it endeavored to offer solace and contemplation during challenging times. 

The Stories of Plants, “花花草草故事” in Sin Chew Daily 星洲日, from 11 Jan to 30 Jan 2023, for 12 no.s of short articles with their respective illustrations.